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Random drug test for soldiers in Davao

Digos City, Davao del Sur - The officers and men of the Army's 73rd Infantry Battalion were subjected to a random drug test last Wednesday. 1Lt. Darryl Cansancio, 73rd IB, spokesperson, said some 140 officers and enlisted personnel of 73rd IB led by Lt. [...]

sweeping changesWelfare bludgers each cost $222,000Government plans...

Welfare recipients who consis-tently shirk job-seeking obligations cost taxpayers $222,000 during their working years, figures show, as the Government seeks to clamp down on those flouting the system. Social Services Minister Christian Porter will today introduce sweeping changes to the welfare system, led by random drug testing of those who get Newstart and Youth Allowance payments. [...]

NJ calls teacher a 'failure' for smoking weed, touting God, showing nude video

A teacher who resigned his position after facing tenure charges for inappropriate conduct in the classroom has had his teaching certificates suspended by the State Board of Examiners. Joseph T. Mahon, who had been employed as a middle school social studies teacher in the district, resigned in December 2014 after tenure charges were drawn up for "a lengthy history of poor performance and unsatisfactory evaluations," according to the state. [...]

Sobering Results: Recent Study Suggests Drug Use Is Up Among American Workers

A recent study conducted by the drug testing company Quest Diagnostics indicates that the rate of positive drug test results among the U.S. workforce is at a 12-year high, driven by increased cocaine, amphetamines, and marijuana use. The study's results track an alarming trend that highlights the continued need for vigilance for signs of use and abuse in the workplace as well as comprehensive prevention, testing, and treatment programs. [...]

Cameron Douglas tests positive for pot while on probation

Cameron Douglas tested positive for pot while on probation - and has repeatedly tried to manipulate mandatory drug tests, officials said. Michael Douglas' troubled son Cameron tested positive for pot while on probation - and has repeatedly tried to manipulate mandatory drug tests, officials said. [...]

Tainted street drugs have health leaders afraid of upcoming Escapade music festival

Thousands of electronic dance music lovers showed up at Escapade Music Festival at the Rideau Carleton Raceway on June 29, 2014. The festival on June 24-25, 2017 will be held at Lansdowne Park. [...]

Mississippi Drug Overdose Deaths Reach Record High

The Clarion-Ledger reported that the at least 211 deaths in 2016 were the most in Mississippi's history. Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics director John Dowdy says the number is derived from death certificates, but he suspects it's much higher as drug-testing evidence increases the deaths to 220, with oxycodone detected in 45 and fentanyl detected in 33. Dowdy says not every coroner uses the state crime lab, and that Mississippi's health department puts the number of drug poisoning deaths, excluding homicides and suicides, at 274. [...]

Ian Mulgrew: Expanded B.C. roadside suspension policy expected to deal with drugged driving

Will drivers judged to be impaired due to drug use, like marijuana, be treated in a regulatory way - subject to driving suspension and fines - instead of a criminal manner? Victoria is expected to amend the Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme to include drug impairment or to create a similar anti-drug-driving program as the country legalizes marijuana next year. A broader IRP regime would prevent drug-impaired-driving charges from clogging the courts and continue the made-in-B.C. approach of treating some offences as "regulatory" rather than "criminal." [...]

Anonymous firefighter rattles city officials over...

An incendiary email, whose sender claims to be a city firefighter upset with a new driver licensing requirement - and its cost to taxpayers is -making the rounds at city hall. The anonymous email complains of tax dollars spent for Stamford Fire Department drivers to obtain a commercial driver's license, which state law does not require to operate fire trucks. [...]

Truck Driver Drug Test Failure Rate Rises to Highest Level in Seven Years

A new U.S. Department of Transportation drug testing report shows that the overall 2016 random positive drug test rate for truck drivers and other DOT security-sensitive employees rose to its highest level since at least 2009, including year-over-year increases in three of five drug categories. The overall 2016 drug testing failure rate for all tests reported by certified labs increased to 1.98%, from 1.85% in 2015, the report said. [...]

Brewers ink Wilhelmsen to Minors deal

Two sources said the Brewers signed the hard-throwing righty reliever to a Minor League contract after he was released by the D-backs on Monday, reuniting Wilhelmsen with the organization that drafted him out of high school in 2002. Wilhelmsen is expected to join Triple-A Colorado Springs in New Orleans on Thursday for the start of a four-game series. [...]

PGA Tour to start blood testing next season

The tour also is bringing its list of banned substances in line with the World Anti-Doping Association. The revised policy takes effect in October at the start of next season. [...]

PGA Tour to Start Blood Testing Next Season an hour ago

The PGA Tour is beefing up its anti-doping policy by adding blood testing and bringing its list of banned substances in line with the World Anti-Doping Association. Blood testing will allow the tour to detect any use of human growth hormone, which is on the list of banned substances but cannot be detected through urine. [...]

Creating new judge a isna t fair to children,a Hancock County youth judge says

Hancock County Youth Court Judge Elise Deano addresses the Board of Supervisors on Monday. She could be out of a job if a countywide vote approved the creation of a county court office with a full-time judge and staff. [...]

Drug driver hit fox, crashed car

A drug driver has been caught after he rolled his car on the Hume Highway while swerving to miss a fox. The driver lost control of his car south of Holbrook at 5.20pm Monday, leaving the road and rolling a number of times in the median strip. [...]

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