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Cotton candy or meth? Woman sues Monroe Co. over false drug test results

A Monroe County woman says she spent nearly four months in jail because a roadside drug test falsely labeled a bag of cotton candy as methamphetamine. A Monroe County woman says she spent nearly four months in jail because a roadside drug test falsely labeled a bag of cotton candy as methamphetamine. [...]

New RIDE question: 'When was the last time you enjoyed cannabis?'

When you're stopped at a roadside sobriety checkpoint this holiday season, be prepared to answer two questions instead of just one. Aside from the expected "Have you had anything to drink?" query, for the first time police are also asking motorists about drug consumption - prompted by the legalization in October of recreational marijuana. [...]

Veterans get second chance in special Utah court

Pushups near the witness stand, rounds of enthusiastic applause and history lessons from the bench: It's no ordinary day in court when hearings just for military veterans take place. "It's a yes-sir, no-excuses-sir court," 3rd District Judge Royal Hansen explained from the bench. [...]

15 roadside drug test machines coming to Saskatchewan

The province plans to buy them from Draeger Safety Canada Limited, supplier of the federally approved Draeger Drug Test 5000 and collection kit. Police will use the devices on drivers suspected of being impaired by drugs. [...]

What happens in the workplace with legalized recreational marijuana

Marijuana will soon be legal in Michigan for adults 21 and over to use -- but it won't mean penalties for marijuana use go away. While police can't arrest you for carrying a joint or vape pen in your pocket, your employer could fire you for it. [...]

What Employers Need to Know About Employee Marijuana Use Under Proposal 1

Following the passage of Proposal 1 on the 2018 Michigan mid-term ballot, Michigan became the 10th state to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis use. Under Proposal 1, certain portions of which may become effective as early as December 2018, all adults 21 and older may possess and use marijuana for any purpose, including recreational purposes, as set forth in the governing law. [...]

How to safely harness the health benefits of CBD

Researchers say CBD, or Cannabidiol, has shown the most medical potential of all the chemical compounds in the marijuana plant. It has an antipsychotic effect and is touted as a potent anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety compound used primarily for pain relief, but also skin care, epilepsy and relaxation. [...]

'No one is actually taking cocaine in this city': Nurses find meth in majority of party drugs

Basically none of the cocaine being tested at Winnipeg raves and dance parties is actually cocaine, says a nurse who volunteers testing drugs. Essentially none of the cocaine being tested at Winnipeg raves and dance parties is actually cocaine - it's meth. [...]

Drug tests for zoo, Rotto and park staff

WORKERS at Perth Zoo, Rottnest Island and Kings Park are to be drug and alcohol tested from next year, prompting union concerns about the need for such an "intrusion into people's privacy". The State Government says the move is designed to "ensure the ongoing health and safety of employees, volunteers and contractors", especially in dealing with dangerous animals, heavy machinery and community and visitor safety. [...]

Derek Hunter

Times change, attitudes change, and hairstyles change. In the last few years we've been witness to one amazing change that is surprising in its speed the idea that adults should be allowed to smoke marijuana, either for medical purposes or because they want to. [...]

Federal court opens drug treatment court to fight addiction

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Colorado's governor has some advice for Illinois on legalizing recreational weed

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper addresses supporters Nov. 6 during the Colorado Democrats watch party in Denver. Hickenlooper spoke to the Economic Club of Chicago on Wednesday. [...]

Young Thug released from jail after 7 day stay

Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is facing charges from a 2017 traffic stop where police say he possessed methamphetamine, hydrocodone and marijuana with the intent to distribute, as well as possession of amphetamine, a generic form of Xanax and codeine. He is also charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. [...]

Moscow doping lab to be opened for WADA visit

Russia will allow an international delegation to inspect its shuttered drug-testing lab this month, the World Anti-Doping Agency said Thursday. The visit is part of a deal between WADA and the Russian government which allowed the country's anti-doping agency to be reinstated in September, following a suspension of almost three years because of widespread drug use. [...]

Police blitz: Motorist safety targeted during Operation Manning

Operation Manning: Senior Constable Garrett Thebus with a drug testing machine used during the blitz south of Taree. Photo: Rob Douglas. [...]

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