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WayHome revises policy, allows attendees to bring naloxone

WayHome music festival officials previously told festivalgoers to leave both drug test kits and naloxone at home. The festival has since changed its position. [...]

6 Drugs That Contain Phencyclidine (PCP) And May Cause False Positive On A Drug Test

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Christie demands changes to strict group home oversight bill spurred by choking death

Gov. Chris Christie said he would sign a law that imposes tougher oversight over group homes for people with developmental disabilities, but not the "impractical" version state lawmakers approved last month. In a conditional veto statement released Sunday, the governor offered up a less ambitious version of the legislation, named after Stephen Komninos, a man who choked to death while under the supervision of a paid caretaker. [...]

Massachusetts Supreme Court Finds Medical Marijuana Users Protected from Adverse Employment Action

Beginning when the first states legalized use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, employers began speculating whether legislatures and courts in those states would continue to permit employers to exclude persons from employment who test positive for marijuana use. For years, these states have refused to restrict employers from establishing rules prohibiting them from taking adverse action against applicants and employees who test positive for marijuana, even in the absence of evidence of use or intoxication while at work. [...]

Economy Needs Workers, but Drug Tests Take a Toll

Just a few miles from where President Trump will address his blue-collar base here Tuesday night, exactly the kind of middle-class factory jobs he has vowed to bring back from overseas are going begging. It's not that local workers lack the skills for these positions, many of which do not even require a high school diploma but pay $15 to $25 an hour and offer full benefits. [...]

Affidavit: Jasper County woman exposed 2 children, ages 8, 3, to meth

Deputies with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office arrested a 36-year-old woman in connection to allegations that two young children who lived in her home tested positive for meth. Jewel R. Burch was booked in to the Jasper County jail on two second-degree endangering a child charges. [...]

'Everything' bagels caused positive drug test for Oregon refuge occupier, attorney says

Federal supervision officers have cited concerns that Blomgren has been using opiates, which would be a violation of his release conditions, based on a positive result for morphine on a May urinalysis test. But Blomgren's defense lawyer and investigator argued, based on an outside expert's opinion and review of the test results, that poppy seeds could not be eliminated as the source of the morphine, according to court papers. [...]

Spanish islands approve booze-free and bloodless bullfights

Lawmakers in Spain's Balearic Islands have banned spectators under age 18, alcohol and the killing or harming of animals at regional bullfights. [...]

Nearly 70 percent of businesses in northern Colorado still drug test for marijuana, study says

Rotherham, owner of the Nature's Herbs and Wellness pot shop in Garden City, said trying the marijuana products allows his employees to better assist their customers, whether that's making recommendations for first-timers or describing the effects of the products to not-so-first-timers. Rotherham said his employees shouldn't be noticeably stoned when on the clock, but lighting up off the clock ultimately makes them better employees. [...]

Could Cristina Barbuto's Court Win Help Coloradans Fired for Medical Pot?

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that a company acted improperly when it fired medical marijuana patient Cristina Barbuto after she tested positive for pot. The Colorado Supreme Court reached the opposite conclusion in an analogous 2015 case, determining that DISH had the right to dismiss paralyzed MMJ patient Brandon Coats following his own positive test for cannabis. [...]

Road accidents caused by driving under the influence of drugs

121 from 2008 states that any highway driver that tests positive in a random drug test, will have their license withdrawn for a period no more than 2 years. Violators will be referred to the public persecution, punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than 2 years, and fined LE 10,000 . [...]

Drug drivers filling courts

After a concentrated effort to get drug drivers off the MIA roads, Griffith Local Court is now seeing a rise in convictions. Griffith Local Court is seeing a stream of drug driving convictions, after the Griffith LAC's assurance drug tests are being used extensively in the area in an effort to stomp out drug driving. [...]

Groom's blunder in Walmart sees rider suspended over horse's failed drug test

An error by a groom while making a purchase at Walmart has resulted in US-registered rider Paige Johnson being suspended for one year and fined 2000 Swiss francs after her horse tested positive for pramoxine. Johnson was also ordered to contribute 3000 Swiss francs towards the cost of the judicial procedure before the FEI Tribunal. [...]

Agency's reluctance on records worries openness advocates

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is wrong to keep secret the names of some people who publicly commented about Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to drug-test Medicaid applicants, open records advocates and a former head attorney for the agency say. The department insists it is doing what is required to protect health information under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, as well as state laws protecting the identity of Medicaid applicants. [...]

Houses stand on a hillside bordering downtown Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on April 14, 2016.

Bill Polacek's industry is dealing with a labor market problem so big, even Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is talking about it. A few years ago, Polacek interviewed 350 people to fill openings for 50 welders and machinists at his Johnstown, Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company. [...]

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