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New technology could help law enforcement fight drugged driving

You've heard of a breathalyzer, but what about a Drugalyzer? The Drger Drug Test 5000 is relatively new technology police departments across the country are calling a game changer. After a one-minute swab inside of a suspect's mouth, an officer would place the sample inside the Drugalyzer machine. [...]

Turnbull government postpones controversial drug trial for welfare recipients

A controversial trial of drug testing welfare recipients will almost certainly be postponed after the Turnbull government conceded it was unlikely to win sufficient support from the Senate crossbench. The trial was to have applied to new welfare recipients from January 1, 2018, but Social Services Minister Christian Porter on Wednesday indicated he was prepared to excise the trial from omnibus welfare legislation so other measures could be approved by Parliament before the end of the year. [...]

Parents giving out drug-testing kits after losing son to heroin overdose

In March 2016, Benjamin Peterson died of a heroin overdose. He was 26, and a young father of two kids. [...]

Michigan State Police program to drug test drivers encounters blowback from lawyers

Police may be asking some drivers to have their saliva tested for drugs in a pilot program being rolled out in five Michigan counties, including Washtenaw. And the program has some attorneys hopping mad. [...]

Uriah Hall blasts USADA and 'steroid-using d-kheads who make him suffer'

When the UFC decided to clean up the sport from performance-enhancing drugs, it sought the help of the United States Anti-Doping Agency. From their end, USADA has indeed been living up to the company's standards. [...]

Department of Transportation Adds Four New Drugs to Testing Panel

Executive Summary : On November 13, 2017, the Department of Transportation announced that it is amending its drug-testing program to require testing for synthetic opioids. The new DOT regulations now harmonize with the Department of Health and Human Services Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs using Urine , published January 23, 2017. [...]

Morgan urges HOF voters to reject PED users

The Baseball Hall of Fame has left it to voters to use their judgment when it comes to the issue of performance-enhancing drugs and potential inductees. But one prominent Hall of Famer decided to make his voice heard on the subject. [...]

Recruitment Tactics: How to Hire the Best Talent

A business naturally needs workers to run it. However, a business needs the best workers in order to survive stiff market conditions. [...]

.com | LIVE: Susan #Rohde 'went ballistic' night before death, court hears from defence

The Western Cape High Court has heard murder accused Jason Rohde's account of the night before Susan died, with the defence asking State pathologist Akmal Coetzee-Khan to comment on the injuries Susan sustained. ??NB to note: during the struggle in the room, where Susan wasn't allowing Jason to leave, Jason grabbed her throat in order to move her out the way. [...]

Warning: 16 fatal overdoses in 19 days in Yorka

Sixteen people are suspected of dying of a heroin or fentanyl overdose in just 19 days, with four coming over this past weekend alone, the York County Coroner's Office said on Monday. The office's stark warning puts the county's ongoing heroin epidemic into focus, and is meant as a clear reminder for families during this week's holiday. [...]

Adam Lind: Still on Drugs, Threatening Suicide?

Adam Lind is currently in the middle of one of the biggest downward spirals we've seen from a Teen Mom cast member. Considering that other Teen Mom cast members have been filmed nodding off while driving, shooting up heroin, and assaulting their boyfriends, that's saying a lot. [...]

No toking for truckers 0

The Ontario Trucking Association is pushing for mandatory drug testing of commercial drivers once marijuana is legalized in Canada next July 1. The OTA is supporting a zero-tolerance roadside testing program for the presence of drugs and alcohol in all Ontario drivers, regardless of medical clearance to use marijuana for health reasons. With 200,000 professional drivers operating on Ontario roads, the OTA said in its recently released action plan that the key to improving safety is mitigating the human factor that leads to accidents. [...]

Female drivers test positive for ice

Police attached to Shoalhaven Target Action Group stopped a 47-year-old female driving a 2008 silver Hyundai Tucson on Jervis Street, Nowra about 5.45pm on November 17. She was subjected to a random drug test which indicated a positive result for methylamphetamines and was taken to Nowra Police Station for a secondary oral fluid test which again provided a positive result for the same drug. In a separate incident, about 6pm on November 18 the same officers stopped a 1997 blue Hyundai Lantra sedan on Yawal Road, West Nowra, with a 40-year-old female driver was spoken to. [...]

'It never really leaves you.' Opioids haunt users' recovery

The ironies and tragedies of the opioid crisis are not lost on Dr. Dan Lonergan, an addiction specialist who also works as a pain medicine physician. His older brother died of a possible opioid overdose while being treated for pain. [...]

City of Salem proving to be a drug-free workplace

No city employees have tested positive for drugs or alcohol on the job since officials instituted a drug-free workplace program Oct. 1 which includes random testing. No reasonable suspicion testing has taken place either, meaning no employees have shown signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work. [...]

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